Lab members


Carlos Portillo-Quintero

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Natural Resources Management at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX. I grew up in Maracaibo, Venezuela where I obtained a Bachelor's in Biology from the University of Zulia. I hold a PhD in Earth and Atmospheric Science from the University of Alberta, Canada. I am passionate about exploring the complex spatial, temporal and human dimensions of ecosystem loss and disturbance to help conservation action in the ground. 

My office space is located at PSS 253 (2nd floor Goddard Bldg., Texas Tech University, Main Campus).



Mukti Subedi

Mukti Subedi is a PhD student in Natural Resource Management. He completed his master’s degree in Biology from Texas A&M University-Kingsville and Undergraduate degree in Forestry from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.


He has been working in forests and tree attributes modeling, community forestry, forest cover change analysis and spatiotemporal analysis of disturbances. With an increasing advancement in Remote Sensing (RS) technologies and Geographic Information Science (GIS), RS and geographic information data are being fundamentally important to solve some of the significant challenges of our time including problems in natural resources management. Mukti is interested in using very high-resolution satellite images to inform about land use and land cover change analysis, monitoring and assessment of drought, quantifying deforestation rates, geospatial modeling, forest biomass and carbon dynamics, regeneration dynamics, and human dimensions in forestry.

Visiting Researchers


Rodolfo Martinez is an Engineer in NRM (UANL-Nuevo Leon) and current MS student in the Research Center of Geospatial Information Sciences in Mexico City (CentroGeo-CONACYT).

He has worked using GIS tools to determine conservation areas for threatened species like cacti and forest species like pines. He is also interested in the land cover change dynamics and drivers in the Northeast of Mexico employing Remote Sensing. Visiting student at GSTLab TTU in 2019-2020.

Former Lab members

  1. Dr. Nwasinachi Menkiti, PhD student, currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Utah Valley University.

  2. MSc. Matthew Jackson, MS student, currently GIS/Remote Sensing specialist at the Memorial Park Conservancy, Houston, TX. 

  3. Dr. Kamal Humagain, postdoctoral researcher, currently an Assistant professor of GIS at the State University of New York – Potsdam, NY.

  4. Dr. Zhanming Wan, postdoctoral researcher, currently a Data Scientist at the The Climate Corporation (Precision Agriculture), St. Louis, MO. 

  5. Abdullah Alsulaiman, MSc program, currently an Instructor at King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia.

  6. Vaughn Smith, MSc program, (NRM), currently CIO of Dynamic Green Concepts (Precision agriculture), TX.

  7. Sylvia de la Piedra, MSc program (NRM), currently Editor and Writing Consultant at The Writing Studio and Project Assistant for University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  8. Daniel Raleigh, MSc program (NRM), currently a Geospatial analyst/GIS coordinator for the State of Florida

  9. Renan Dalmonech, Visiting student, Instituto Militar de Engenharia, Brazil

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Office/Research facilities:

Our research facility is the Geospatial Technologies Laboratory ( located in Agricultural Sciences Bldg., Texas Tech University, Main Campus.