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I advise students pursuing MS, PhD or postdoctoral degrees as well as undergraduate research students and interns.

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Advising Philosophy for graduate studies

The period of graduate studies should be one of the most interesting and enriching learning experiences in a scientist's life. Therefore, I advise students to pursue achievable research objectives and allow enough time to read, think, ponder, write and deepen the understanding of their research subjects. I monitor their weekly progress and allow potential side projects only if it enriches the student's knowledge.

Students should be proactive, independent and committed to their graduate program.

Graduate students  usually take part of the Association of Natural Resources Scientists (ANRS) at TTU where they collaborate, network and learn from their colleagues. The Texas Tech University Campus is also a laid back, vibrant and multi-cultural campus that offers daily scientific and artistic activities for students to experience.


Unfortunately, our Department does not offer teaching assistanships on a regular basis, and therefore most students in our lab are self-supported or supported by a grant or contract.

I also can provide letters of support for scholarships and fellowships to work in our lab on a subject of mutual interest.

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