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For links to publications please visit Dr. Portillo-Quintero's Google Scholar profile: here.


Jackson, M.; Portillo-Quintero, C.; Cox, R.; Ritchie, G.; Humagain, K.; Subedi, M. (under review). Evaluating the influence of seasonality, UAV altitude and image classifier on Honey Mesquite and Yellow Bluestem mapping.  Submitted to the Journal of Rangeland Ecology and Management. 

Smith, V.; Portillo-Quintero, C.; Sanchez, G.A.; Hernandez-Stefanoni, J.L. (2019). Assessing the accuracy of detected breaks in Landsat time series as predictors of small scale deforestation in tropical dry forests of Mexico and Costa Rica. Remote Sensing of Environment. 221:707-721. 



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Before 2014

Portillo-Quintero, C., Sanchez-Azofeifa, G.A.; Espirito-Santo M.M. (2013)  Monitoring deforestation with   MODIS Active Fires in Neotropical dry forests: an analysis of local scale assessments in Mexico, Brazil and Bolivia. Journal of Arid Environments 97:150-159.


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